It’s passed down from generation to generation

and though it might seem simple to you and me

their is a knowledge

a method

a spiritualness

an artistry to climbing a tree.


When you find a tree you’d like to climb…you must pause…

as part of the tradition

pause to give thanks for this tree and to quietly ask permission.


For though you are happy to have found a tree that, for climbing, now befits you

you must wait for an answer from the tree…

it is the tree who must permit you.


If there is a nest in the top or it’s branches are to weak 

the tree will tell you now is bad timing

and ask you to come back when the nest is unoccupied

or its branches are more suitable for climbing.


But when you find a tree that is willing

when a tree lets you know it is time

you ascend to the top without effort

as the branches seem to assist in your climb.


And it’s just as important when you’ve finished

when the tree gently sets you back down

to again thank the tree for it’s generosity

the minute your feet hit the ground.


Yes, it seems when it comes to climbing a tree

what’s important is the spiritualness you exude…

It has less to do with your ability to climb

and more with your kindness and your gratitude…


It’s been passed down from generation to generation

and in each generation there comes a time…

when they realize the same magic that works for climbing a tree…


works for whatever in life they might climb.

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It's Just A Tree

Grandpa pointed to it on my 7th birthday and said,
“There is your gift from me.”
Not seeing any presents I said, 
“Grandpa, it’s just a tree.”

“Some may say it’s just a tree.” he said,
“that only offers shade,
but when I was young it was a mighty fortress
and it’s leaves were made of jade.”

“When I began to climb this tree
insects would bow and birds would sing
and every branch would lift me higher
for they knew
I was their king.”

“And when I climbed to the very top.
I was no longer in a tree.
I was in the crows nest of a pirate ship
sailing the seven seas....”

And he was right...
I spent years climbing it...
and it was anything I imagined it to be...
It was everything I ever wanted
and it was never...just a tree.

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