For my friend John


For my friend John

You need not complicate your thoughts

With such dark one sided views

If you continue in this direction

You've let them get the best of you

They were insecure and scared

You were strong and quite too nice

They pounced on you

Like cats prey on mice

Not knowing in the end

They've made you stronger

Harder to bend

Don't let them keep you any longer

These thoughts have kept you at bay

Way too long my friend

You must leave them behind now

While you still can

Begin your life today

Not where you left off

When you were young

Only from where you've

Lived and learned and truly begun

Jennifer Swanson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

How gifted I am to have a friend like you.

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John Chapman's picture

If I had only listen to you long ago, but we all must make are own decisions in our own do time.... Sorry I never critiqued this poem before now... Thank you for the compliment, but I am afraid that you're mistaken. It is I who am gifted to have a friend like you...