Friends and help

Poems for 2012

I promise when I see you again I shall do all I can to help you my friend.
The sorrow in the shadow that you cast I will remove at last.
We will then grab the freedom that you want at last.
And leave all the bad in the past.

What you have hid in the past can forever last.
It will tear you down and hit you to the ground.
Makes you get away from what could have been.
Your heart will never feel the warmth and stay cold as the ice.

I want to be the one you remember as a friend.
The one that you turn to when you have lost hope for humans again.
A friend that you could never make leave.
The one that will never be as the rest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why am i so sad these days....?

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Too Much TV News

The all downer free press-spoken news drags you down, bad dreams, poor self image, cure: turn off tv, radio, and stop texting so much. Smile at yrself in the mirror, because you are too beautiful you know, and write a letter on paper - two old fashion causes for happiness - Hugzzz - Lady A