A cry to home

In a desolate wasteland a baby cries
feeling the coldness for the first time,
crying desperately, remembering the comfort of a warmer place
We eventually get accustomed to the coldness of change
and if we are wise, we embrace it.
We jump on its back and tame it.
What else are we to do? Its the best we can do.
My eyes are filled with something sacred,
but whats the matter, if nobody notices it?
Are we all sunk in the mud, comfortably numb?
forgetting the warmth of love that surrounds us
We hold it in, we do not cry, for we do not even remember
the warm embrace of a place we once called home.
Where is our desire to get back?
Our desperate cries to return?

This abnormality,
this pain, this darkness,
has become what we know.

But I have learned a powerful secret
whispered to me from that place of love.
That place I long to return to,
has been within me all along.
I am home. I am love.
I am the comforting embrace
for all those in this dark place.
I am water for all those who desperately thirst.
Right Here Now is Forever.
It is not a place in time.
It is a place beyond worlds
a little bit of the Divine

Falling to the bottom of a well,
There was no such thing as light,
as far as I could tell.
Then I heard the call,
of love beyond comprehension
Calling me to this sacred moment
Non physical, beyond definition.

And I tell you now,
as I will scream out
every moment, with every angel,
living loud...

Hope could never have tasted so sweet,
as it did from forgetting it existed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldn't appreciate the light within me as well,
if I had never lived in such darkness.

Home could never have tasted so sweet,
as it did from forgetting it existed.