probably true...

Sometimes I wonder...

Am I just a facade?

Is this really real?

I don't think it is.

It seems false.

Like all these particles

are just shifting locations

moment by moment,

displaying the illusion

of a living breathing being.



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a.griffiths57's picture

    Thank goodness for the



Thank goodness for the godparticle that holds all matter and creativity together. A very important particle a godparticle, but we are real. Loved your poem, makes me think of reality and illusion, I just know we are real!

Good read and enjoyable.

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Fading In And Out

Like four dimensional living, with time

as an invisible participant, fading, returning,

questioning hereness, like the Cheshire

cat existing as needed. I like this poem.

It is soooooooo existential - wondering

what is real or what is unreal.


Lady A

late to the party again Cool



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Im definitely shifting in and

Im definitely shifting in and out of this dimension. Thats why i always forgetting everything. 

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