Breathe slowly my child,

for tonight shall be wild,

there is no where for you to run,

I shall have all my fun!


Or so he thought as he sat there,

before a young boy who was scared,

but before he could continue his lewdness,

a spear drove right through his heart.


The boy thought he was saved from Hell,

but only to learn this is where it all fell,

a fissure cracking in the home,

fire spewing from down below.


From the pits of Hell itself,

monsters swarmed out to kill the boy,

and now we have our Hell on Earth,

where even the innocent die and burn.


These creatures of great malevolence,

torture, kill, and change us into them,

even the new born baby,

is turned into a monstrosity!


Tell me is this our future?

Where innocents and guilty die together?

We shall all be consumed by fire,

even if you pray, you shall die.


So now you sit up at night and cry,

knowing there will be fire from ground and sky,

innocent and guilty prosecuted together,

no difference between one or the other.


So you sit and watch these horrors,

I sit back and plan my future,

I shall have no future to plan,

for I am just a gust of wind churning the sand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please if you comment, do not take any religious views on any of my poetry. I prefer not to get religion, which I do not believe in, and my creativity mixed up into a raging battle. It just wastes my time, as well as yours.

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i wish we lived near  each other so we could be friends and pick each others minds... i'm sic. it's my initials which also happens to be the way i feel about the planet and the vermin that slither amongst it. ugh. lol. check out my words, if you will, "the question", "pathetic", "conformity", "lone", and "final hour". i'm currently sitting in an 18=wheeler with a friend of mine (i'm taking a vacation from the drama of my apartment complex and he wanted someone on this long trip that won't steadily bitch at him like his ole lady does) waiting for our load here in fort worth texas and we'll be heading towards wyoming. gonna be on the road for at least one but maybe two weeks. with this time on my hands, i will finish getting all my poems and songs typed up on this site and finish getting my other sites connected, revamped and updated. i will be able to read alot of other members posts. and i can tell i'm gonna hatredofhumannity fan... we think alot alike. i also beleive in nothing, although i'm unfortunately aware of entirely too much. i'd really like to get to know you and pick your brain. it'd be good for me to find someone that thinks the same as me to get to talk too.




and shelly clothier on faceboook.

sic is here.


theROKgoddess on playlist.com


<3 & H8



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Love this

I appreciate how your mind thinks. Thanks for the read.

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