This ink is my blood

and I am still bleeding onto this page.

The blood flows more

when you love me the way you do.


I keep writing you poems

it seems like I’ve been bleeding more lately.

I can’t help myself

when there’s so much of me to put on a page.


I let you flood my thoughts

and the blood goes from a trickle

to a stream.


Words gush onto the page

at just the thought of your name

and I finally realize

that without you the ink would dry up.


I hadn’t felt anything in so long.

Thank you for making me bleed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/17

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Without You

The ink would dry up for a while but the blood must flow! Keep writing, from you to us and all will be well - :D



Morningglory's picture


Enjoyed this one. Keep bleeding it out!



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