Revelation at the Forest's Edge (Winter Dwindling)

And at the edge of the forest

I looked out upon mankind

Taking notice as winter days

Began to dwindle and fade

Meditating along snowy fields

Contemplating life and death

Observing simple revelations

Passed down from our elders

Gifted to us freely by the earth

Hinted at by glittering galaxies

 Illustrated in fleeting dreams


This I hold to be true

Everything is a circle

It all goes around and comes

Back around

Gently in an infinite arc

In the endless flow of seasons

The revolving pattern of night/day

The orbits of the planets around the sun

The luminous profile of the ancient moon

And the mystical enchanting eyes of an owl


I close my eyes to look inside

An iridescent world constantly

Shifting and forever evolving

Our spirits rotating on a wheel

Of birth, death, and all between

Nothing is random or by chance

Everything so strangely familiar

The inside implodes outward

Startling ghosts still unseen

The otherworld still inaudible

To the untrained human senses

Philosophy subsists

In realms of harsh famine

Words sprouting from parched

Earth left unclaimed

These fractured degrees

Tormented by plagues of discontent

Leaving the masses in a hazy vacuum

Of senseless wonder and disillusionment

Melodies pass through ethereal indigo skies

Cascading into meaningless remnants of broken love

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Simply beautiful ~A~