My heart and soul are true when I say I love her

Yet the vain woman doubts every word I say

Tell the angels hovering to rip apart my heart

And show the vain woman what it means to love her.

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saiom's picture

Thank you for reminding that
the one who loves is a bigger soul than the one
who does not believe in love


palewingedpoetess's picture

for lowly men
love is a mere
street potion
sold and or given
out at some
passing carnival
to the milling masses
ah but for cloud high
soul filled men
(such as yourself!)
love is an elixir
so then
imagine what love
is for cloud high
lady poetesses?
it is the begin/end all
to a deeper life
as she longed for it
you touched this 'Sweet Changeling'
with the tender fingers of your words
I thank you for that
for often bliss is reading something
as lovely as it was unexpected
and you poet sir gave both in equal
part to the endeavor's pursuit.........
you know who! ........ so why type it? laughs