I think of you all the time 

I cant get your face out of my mind

Your essence is still in these walls

A better life before our fall

I love you so much and you hurt me so bad

That I get enraged, so of course I'm mad

But I have to walk on eggshells to see my son

Though as crazy as it seems, I still think you're the one


I always knew we'd be together as if I knew our horoscopes down to the letter

I gave my all to you, My good and my bad

But at the end of the day I feel I neglected what I had

You were no saint and sometimes wickedly mean

We had a connection that even others could see


To end it all and just throw it away seems easy for you, but I'm dying each day

Each day I dont sleep next to you My soul feels worn through

I can hear you, see you, smell and taste you

I miss you so bad, I dont know what to do


Another morning passes I dont see my son...

His smiling face now just a memory of what was

I hate missing out on his glowing warmth and radiant soul 

Now as his father, I dont even play a role


Depressed...depression is a word that just doenst come close

To describe what I feel now that I've lost what I love most

I don't understand or comprehend...but now there's a hole that just won't mend



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Missing my family...Typical sob story...Wife cheats on husband, kicks husband out, husand now rarely sees son... It is what it is

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