Slow growing,

Yet, mind blowing…


Yet, ethereal…

A plant

Of slow growth

Called love.

Watered by zeal,

Needs soil of trust,

Puff air of praise to seal:

It admits of no lust.



So much agile,

Exceedingly fragile…

Like an earthen ware

It may break into smithereens

Handle it with care

That’s what it means!

Mere carnal love,

Degrades mankind;

It’s debauchery

It only defiles your mind.

Love that’s pure and selfless

Exalts mankind.

In recklessness,

Love becomes blind.

Love sought may be good

Far better if you could

Find love unsought:

It’s neither sold nor bought!

Love eclipses not,

By passage of time…

True, sizzling and hot:

Not the slaked lime.

Love that’s passing

Isn’t love at all!!

If not constant and lasting,

It collapses like a falling wall.

Beauty, and wealth –all props and support-

Shall fail to avert inevitable fall.

When love ceases to comfort

It’s dead wood, a pain in the neck, that’s all!!


STW/26 JULY 2006

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saiom's picture

Infinite love..
one cannot it define
for divine love
colors not within the lines

Wali is made of it