Outside the box


Sometimes she dances

and sometimes she crashes into the planets,

or perhaps a wall.

Sometimes she loves

   and she laughs

and sometimes she cries and fights

   with the planets

or maybe herself.

Sometimes she hides,

and sometimes she is loud

and everyone knows who she is

or maybe only those who look hard enough.

But all the time she is Bethany

or Beth, or Bee

and all the time she is everwhere

or maybe just right here.

And someday, sometime, she will know

that it's all ok.

But for now she is just a child and an adult all at once

who thinks outside the box

or hides under it

and we watch her and laugh with her and cry with her because

its all ok.

Happy Birthday Bethany.

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Starry Night's picture

Hey, this one has the same name as me!! Cool!! I like it!! I was looking for it. I do like to crash, its so much fun. Ok, I will be direct for a moment ... *sniffs* Its so damn good ...

*Runs away*

*Crashes into a planet, but keeps dancing ...* Sweet ... Ewww, something slimy!! AHHH WHAT IS THAT?!?! *Shudders*

(For all you people eaters who read this, it isn't supposed to make sense, so don't even ask. Don't waste your time in asking. But, if you would like to hunt me down ... I am The_Starry_Night person. I will even let you e-mail me. But, I have things to do, places to go and PEOPLE TO ANNOY!!)

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