Cold Winds


Cold Winds are blowing, the snow is gently falling,

ever so softly,

as to not awaken the plants that are sleeping beneath the ground.

It falls so delicately, so peacefully,

Like a blanket that covers the world.

Even the smallest twigs and pebbles are not forgotten,

each covered with delicate flakes of winter.

They are cold to us,

but to the creatures that are under this big, white blanket,

they are snug and warm,waiting for spring to arrive.

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U have been at postpoems for 15 years. Amazing!

Liked the sleeping plants underground. - slc


17 years now with pp. Bravo! slc



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What a beautiful image of snow. I have always thought of snow as a means for me to kep my heart warm for love, thanks so much for this piece, its very refreshing...

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I am moved. I wish I would not have known your age when you wrote these just so I could feel the awe when finding out.

You have a gentle & caring spirit, I suspect an old soul.
It was my good fortune to have stumbled upon your site.

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