Why think you worthy, why think you of any,
any worth.
You think because you hold her heart, you have
You do not hold her heart, you squeeze the she
Blood red upon the shelf, as safe keeping,
Bidding the time when you wish to pet it.

But worthy, you are not worthy.
But you think not of the worth of a woman,
But of the worth of a woman speared upon your,
How she would lay in the light of your bed, and your
Upon her
Would make her worth,
Would make her worthy 
Of you.
But you are not worthy, you are not worthy of her
Her joyous shine and the glow of her hair in her
She allows your eyes upon her to take the glory 
That you rest upon her in your unguarded truce. 
You have, not idea the power in her radiance ,but the world,
The world knows her worth,
As you in your un-keen eye light upon a beauty you think is 
Not yours.
You are not worthy,
You are not worthy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was listening to Shakepeare in the Shadows

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