Missiles (revised)


I am afraid to tell the truth
Of what I feel
It always comes back 

As missiles
Hurled at me in anger
Targeted as examples
Illustrations of misbehavior
Indications of future actions.


I swore I'd never reveal to a man
That which went on before
But you coaxed it from me.
So I tell you my fantasies
And you see them as realities
I tell you my dreams
And you scold me for not making them goals
You accuse me of settling
When I mention minor obstacles

I tell you my misadventures

And you demand that I own 'em



You wanted to hear

Of those that lingered

On the path before

Erotic stories I

Played out for you

That you used

As Judgement

When it suited you to hurt.



of misbehavior


of unworthiness

You hurl at me


of personal discontent



Its mine to keep


Author's Notes/Comments: 

You wanted to hear, you thought it erotic, those that took the path before.  But you used it to hurt me when it suited you to judge.

Also in th 2002-2003 Muse file

For Dwight and all those lovers who think they can handle the truth

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Shame really, the way some

Shame really, the way some people, turn our inner secrets into knives. Not very nice.

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In an agument the talking

In an agument the talking points become all the misdeeds in your past, surely proof that you would be guilty again if left on your own without their guidance.

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We Forgive & Forget

Bringing up missteps or errors, outright bad decisions for our family is a no no. Love means also forgiving - we are all very human and we err better than anything to learn and grow. - Stella



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Yes That is why the person

Yes That is why the person this was written for is not longer a family member, lol.  Tell you the truth it seems to appply to several of my male encounters.  They want you to open up and be truthfully, but literally nobody "can handle the truth," to paraphrase Jack Nicholson.  Yes love does mean forgiveness.  However in this poem forgivenss would admit shame, and there should be no shame in the truth I offered.  Thank you so much for reading my poems. D

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You r welcome

Something old, something new. I have been rereading work by favorite writers lately. These poets are good news.

: D 



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Thank you

This is one of my favorites I appreciate the reread.