Everyday Atrocity

How did this become the norm?
How did we come to accept this?
We’ve embraced mass killings and
A cycle of pointless death.

Four marines shot dead,
A church becomes a massacre,
Marathons being bombed,
Children killed in school,
Midnight showings attacked.

Just another
Everyday atrocity.

Our outrage grows weaker
With each event, and we
Argue more passionately over
Passing politics and celebrities.

Where is this society
Placing its priorities,
When seamless death
Doesn’t surprise anymore.


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An Unproven Theory

Before every major war, pr is flooded with images of atrocies and unjustified killing to condition the people of USA to be desensitized to the atrocies about to be perpetuated in their name. More stories of horrific deaths with pictures and sound overs - stop the killing. Kill the killers. Kill. Kill. Do not feel. Kill. Unproven, but have you noticed the huge wave of killing in our entertainments: war, death of innocents, bombed out cities as setting, more and more images of atomic bombs in color like Warhol's blond. It's a theory. - s