The Skin We Wear

Just a thought!

Who's to say why we wear fake skin,

Is it pain from the past, is it something within?

What has engaged us to falsely pretend,

Are we always afraid, is our skin just too thin?

We hide behind walls to keep us secluded,

From past complications our fears have eluded.

Someday all the shadows will come to an end...

And a brighter tomorrow will bring us new skin.

   by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Skin We Wear"

bishu's picture

Much liked Mr Deep

Rhinoceros skin is what is needed to survive the onslaughts from unwarranted people.And false pretense er well okay for actors but in real life a strict no no ... Just a thought exuded from a hollow mind .. Off to bathe & lunch. Enough botheration to postpoems.. Wish you all happiness Mr Deep 



zoeycup16's picture

the skin we wear!

wow what a phenomenal poem it fits me to a T i love this poem thank you for posting it it has given me hope for my future, my past is a sorted mess and that just made me feel so much better so thank you so  much