You've fallen down
You have no crown
and no place to call home,
but maybe it will help to know
that you are not alone.

You told me once
you think you care
of others more than they,
to help friends through
when times get rough
and we have gone astray.

But let me tell you:
it's not true-
at least not of me.
I'm not one
of those who say
to let the helpless be.

So don't you worry-
just stay strong,
and know this, too, shall pass.
We go through times
when things get rough
and life looks overcast.

That's what you were;
at least, that's what we thought.
But now you've stumbled,
now we see-
invincible, you're not.

But take this help-
don't be too proud
to accept what you need.
For we've all been
in places where
we rely on others' deeds.

For you are awesome-
although you've lost your way.
For there's a sunrise
that will bring
another, brighter, day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a friend.

I did have this in there but I took it out because it seemed random and didn't really flow:
The weather today-
it was foggy this morn'-
Must feel but all too right.
And now the clouds
look shattered- but
Between them shines the night.

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