The Pain of Suicide "Revised for ThoughtShock"


"With so much pain and so little gain,

There is too much hate with so little faith"


"Death is the only way out"


The Pain of Suicide”

(Poem from Psycho- Confessions Revised)


Our hearts are turning black and there is no turning back.

Your hands have been stained red from all the blood you shed.

The world is dead and life is but a dream, that cannot seem.

Draw your gun because you are dead, falling out of life,

falling out of peoples memories. Killing yourself for others to see.

We had heard your pain but then forgot you were even sane.


'Kill yourself now, let me show you how.'


Forget about everyone who once cared then remember all those pranks, those stupid dares. Everyone who mocked and stared. Clear your head and pull the trigger now. It really does not matter as you now reflect on your life.

Oh how you wish to have been a someone, yet as you dream life gets that much harder. You see how everyone hates you. So you want nothing more than to make them pay. Oh how much you wish you could say.


"As I hide in the shadows I wait to hear your reason why

or how I wish to fly, to go beyond the bounds of human feelings

But that doesn't matter now, kill yourself, I'll show you how”


Close your eyes, as all those painful memories die. Pull the hammer back and wait for the pain to take as you now begin to shake. Your life is in your hand. It's time for you to take a stand. A single tear rolling down your cheek. Now on your knees, a coward too weak.

Praying for salvation. The gun in front of your view if only the cure you knew. One last look, one last touch, feeling so empty, feeling so alone. All you had is gone, and there is no one home.

Pick up the gun as you press it to your head. Your thoughts racing through your mind. Your life racing against time. Any last words from your mouth to the open air? "Life is never fair."

Pulling the trigger as the sound echoes through the air. Falling towards the ground, now laying without a sound. Closing his eyes, as he turns his head. The deed is done now he's dead.


'Why God Why'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some of you will remember my old poem "The Pain of Suicide". It was basicly written under duress. haha

So I revised it for chapter 20 in my book ThoughtShock which has been titled "The suicide diaries". Your thoughts on the new version?

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