The Forgotten Soldier

Volume Two

“The Forgotten Soldier”

”A patriot is described as one who is willing to die for their faith,
or more so their country of origin.”

Oh where is the sun on this cold winter field
The blood stains the snow covered hills, where a man was killed.
Oh where is the glory to be had this tragic day
A victory here was won, but at what price did we pay?

Have no fear, for our land is safe and our children are free.
A sacrifice made by the forgotten soldier's deed
A legacy he will leave behind in the eyes of his children
remembered the closest by his own kin.

'A dieing Soldier bears no regrets,
and shall enter within his own kingdom
free of bondage and of Judgment
to travel the cosmos unbridled.'

Hearing echoes of the past,
whispers loud enough to throw him from his task
hands stained red, nightmares of being caught
with tears of blood, its a war he lost.
Ran out of time, out of luck and fell last in line

“There is nothing left for you to take,
lost my dignity yet still bear you no hate
my soul I gambled away, my heart still broke to this day
and a mind that's depraved, Can I still be saved?”

Oh where is the gentle breeze in this harsh desert
dead soldiers everywhere, each harboring their own secret.
Oh where is the peace behind this madness,
how can anyone win, if death is the result of this.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmmm while doing a bit of organizing I had noticed that I Could not find this poem in my library, so I decded to quickly add it to Volume 2... now if I happened to simply over look it and you see where the other is posted (if at all) just let me know.. in the mean time if it is one I over looked from publishing, I hope you enjoy this throwback.

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You Are Back!

I have some catching up to do. The dead soldiers now and in the future have died and will die like all of us, ultimately...painfully, drugged, suddenly, or surprised. At 62, I have seen death in the hospital, (at funerals) but not in real wartime. The dead and the deaths seen by vets who will be returning home is the unforgettable horror for them. Hell earthed, that. Like prisoners released, they will be lost for a while. I felt the writing. Thanks for the images ~A~

Lady A