"This World Makes No Sense to Me, #1"

by Jeph Johnson


People all around me seem

To get with other people

For the sole purpose of 

Making themselves unhappy


I want to be with someone

To make me happy


Yet I'm the one who is told

"That's unhealthy"


Mathematically healthy is unhappy 


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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allets's picture

Nonsense World

The mathematical probabiies of being happy. With someone who makes you happy? The calculations are astronomical. Nice rant!



a.griffiths57's picture

This World Makes No Sense to me.

Like your poem; we generaly need another person in our lives to help make sense of the world, not if your unhappy with it then you and your parnter can always make your own world and what's to be important in it; thought provocation.