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I with you 
You with I 
Feeling oh so true

I saw you
Heart a flutter
vision so beautiful

I had to ask
You smiled yes
I couldn't wait

We talked
We danced
We laughed

Floating in stratosphere
Oblivious after first kiss

We hugged
We cuddled
We cooed

Our first fight
Truly stood your ground
I knew we're right

We held
We cried
We loved

Future I saw
So I asked

We promised
We honored
We lived

We built a life
Somewhere along the way 
something changed


          became how my
Sun rises in the morning
Stars come out at night

           are the Tempest
In life's chaotic storm 

           are the oasis
In the blistering heat

          are the beauty
Painted through nature's spring field

          are the amazement
Felt at winter's first snowflake

My life is filled with such wonderment
By you

For my life to be right



I with you
You with I
Feeling oh so true

I know this. . . .

Truth is as I sit here
writing this down
you are gone

Now I am here
alive and well

Yes, There have been others

I have loved 
I have been loved
I have given all that was left

Even-though you not here with me
a piece of me is with you 
I knew this always would be

Not sure of it's size
at time's it feels immense

others manageable 
but always there

After all this time 
I can still hear your voice
catch your scent

without you I am not complete 

I need you 

I chose to need you  





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a piece of a story

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allets's picture

Loved last 2 lines

Start to end, a love story indeed ~ I know about pieces of ne with someone gone. Deeply thought out verses ~a~



czjustanemptyhead's picture

Well I wil have to work on

Well I wil have to work on the rest of the lines so you will love them too. Joking  

Almost didn't post this after I wrote it. Went back and fofth on it. Before 

deciding to go ahead and post it.

Anywasy as always thank you for your comments and insight.

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Just Re-read

Very glad you posted this poem. I wish I could be that open and honest. I tend to hide behind the words - but to be OUT THERE rocks! ~Lady A~



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Your words of encouragement

Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated as always.