Fell like rain

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That day you walked by 

smile on your lips

Glimmer of your eye


Skipped a beat

Mouth went dry

How could we meet


Something I managed to say

Made you laugh

You let me stay


I lost myself in your eyes

As we talked and laughed

Until the sun rose in the morning skies


The memories still remain

Even after all these years

Thats when I fell like rain

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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

Sheer amazing man 

Sheer amazing man 

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

czjustanemptyhead's picture

Thanks man

Thanks man

hopelessly-candid's picture

Wow that's really beautiful

Wow that's really beautiful :)

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Thank you. That's quite the

Thank you. That's quite the compliment coming from you. I read a few of yours and i'm not the word smith that you are but I try.

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So Far, My Favorite

It has continuity, substance, and unity - enjoyed! ~allets~



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Thank you so much Glad you

Thank you so much Glad you enjoyed it