# Love

Who Lives in My Perfect Love

Perhaps she lives

In our dreams alone,

She whose face is


By the rays

Of the sun,

While the dansette plays

Some romantic melody,

O how I love

The one

Who lives in my perfect love.


It’s so strange,

The morning comes,

And there are tears in my eyes;

My dream has disappeared,

Lost in the wind of time;

She who looked at me

With such tenderness,

While the dansette played

Some romantic melody,

O how I love the one

Who lives in my perfect love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who Lives in My Perfect Love is a reasonably faithful translation of a song I wrote in French aged ca. 19 years old, and which I renovated around 2013 with its original title, Mon Parfait Amour. Aged ca. 19 (original photo).

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Fell like rain

poems 1

That day you walked by 

smile on your lips

Glimmer of your eye


Skipped a beat

Mouth went dry

How could we meet


Something I managed to say

Made you laugh

You let me stay


I lost myself in your eyes

As we talked and laughed

Until the sun rose in the morning skies


The memories still remain

Even after all these years

Thats when I fell like rain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What do you think?

As Long as You Love Me

I shall go beyond my limits,

Like Hercules and touch the highest peaks,

And fight like a Titan angry,

As long as you love me.


I shall catch the dreams,

And for you steal the moonbeams,

For pricey gem dive into the sea,

As long as you love me.


I shall live for you,

Like Jack of 'The Titanic' die for you,

Smile and cry with you only,

As long as you love me.


I shall be there,

With you ever,

Standing next to you holding your hand blissfully,

As long as you love me.


I shall be your guiding light for sure,

As a compass is to the sailor,

I shall hold you as water embraces the moon happily,

As long as you love me.

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love forever

I will go on and on 
Life will passes me by 
But my love for u 
Will never ever die 

The feeling of your touch 
The smell of your presence 
your love so pure so kind 
Would never leave my mind 

No matter how far we are 
No matter how busy I be 
I will never forget to feel 
Your heart pound with me 

May our love be endless 
I am sure it will 
And may its intensity rise 
And reach above the skies. 

As long as I will live 
My love I will give 
To you who rules my heart 
The lady of my thoughts 

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Lava Love

Love Poems

Oh my oh my

My soul is on fire

What shall I do?

When I’m drowning in desire

I see your lips so full and lush

I imagine your stature so masculine

But not rough

When I see you oh my

My knees become wax

And I melt, I melt

Into a puddle of lava

I’m on fire burning and longing

For your very touch

Just an embrace

Is enough to turn me to dust

But no you’ll never know how I feel

I am too shy

But love you forever I will

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