Wishes Of A Jaded Girl


I opened my eyes today

And welcomed the warm sunlight

Put a smile on my face

Just in case today doesn’t go right


I thought of some good times

And pushed out some bad

Put some thought into

Things I’ve never had


I don’t want what I can’t have

I don’t wish for more than I do

I have always known

Good things will come to you


But I asked today

For one simple thing

Let me lay down my demons

So I can open my broken wings


I need to fly, to be free

I need the wind in my hair

So I can believe for one moment

That life really is fair


Can you help me my friend

Can you help me move on

Even though I can’t really say

I can be that strong



Written on

August 1, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is ohh so true. Hince the screen name, CrimsonAngel, crimson is the color of blood and angel is what I have always wanted to be. Bloody angel, just because I have been hurt so many times in the past.

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