The Lost Heartbeat


When I met you

My heart skipped a beat

I knew right then

There was no retreat

As I loved you

You took my breath

 I knew if I lost you

It would be my death

And now I’ve left you

You weren’t the man for me

I can run now

And finally be free

My heart hasn’t stopped

Its never better-kept time

I know it’s okay now

I can write this rhyme

I can breathe now

I know I won’t die

If your not here

But I might cry

I trusted my heart

Only to you dear

And you crushed it

Never shed a tear

But it’s okay now

You’re not here

To hurt me anymore

I don’t need to fear



Written on

July 23, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Steve. Unfortunatly, I wrote some of my best to him. That is going to change, however. I am going to end up writing my best poems to my current boyfriend. Some of those have already been written. You can see them from Feb. 28, 2011 on. smiley

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