365 challenge



Maybe you need the plunge of Guilemot and Shark?,

It's only its best tearing flesh soft,

fresher than scissors in paper breaths,

Though we stand as these rocks,

in a frappling of waves, no intensity

to the full tidal pleasure, crushing under

the sounds of our worlds.


The sheltering forrest glade dappling the 

smallest of greys. There you are, naked and gaining.

In the gentle peaching dawn light, barely are we touching,

Its serenity of unspoken hues,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rock paper scissors

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allets's picture

Well Said

"... fresher than sissors in paper breaths..." One fine image :) slc



Coffeepot's picture

Thank you! Its my favourite

Thank you! Its my favourite line in it too. xP