Standing In The Rain

I step outside into the darkness of the night,

and I realize how beautiful it is to be alive.

You're warm kisses leave their marks along my mind.

Carrying me out into the void of night.

Rain drops are pouring there cold feeling onto me.

I feel them pierce my skin like frozen needles.

Each step of my shoe is a stuck sound.

Like I'm stepping in mud.

Just waiting for a letter.

A letter from my soldier.

It has been months since I have seen your face.

My heart yurns for your kiss.

The way your lips taste of sweet candy and tea.

I'm not sure why, but that is how I remember them.

No way distance can keep us apart.

Like acid, the rain falls steadily on my face.

Nothing to protect me from the vicious wind and water.

I allow the dampness to seep into my skin.

Just like the stares and the looks I get in school.

But what do they know??

They have no idea how we feel.

It's just a miracle I can be myself with you.

Too bad you have left me.

You're everything to me.

Even so far away, I'm lamenting my pain.

The night sky is cloudy and foggy.

With the rain in my eyes, the end of the street is blurry.

But that is expected from eyes so week with light.

Your eyes are strong and lovely.

An image floating around in my head.

The wind whips through my hair and it stings my cheeks.

I pause for a second and take in my surroundings.

Longing for you to see this, I picture your hand in mine.

It's warm and its loose, like always.

Comfortable and healthy.

The mail boxes are emptied and I head back towards the bright light.

It's time to go home.

No letters tonight.

Not one at all.

On my drive way, I see a car.

I don't remember it being there before.

And suddenly my mind runs around in circles.

Believing that you're here makes me giddy.

A figure walks towards me as I push my bangs away from my eyes.

He is semi-tall.

His hair is longer then normal.

It is matted down against his face, due to the wind and rain.

As he comes closer, I can see his smile.

His teeth bareing everything.

I run towards him like a bolt of lightening.

I love his laugh.

I love his smile.

The rain splatters on my face, and my clothes are soaking wet.

It's hazy in my memory.

The moonlight is soft, and he is barely illuminated.

As I jump into his arms and he wraps his arms around me tight, he whispers:

'I missed you.'

I bring my lips to his ear and whisper softly:

'I couldn't have asked for a better present.'

He swings me around and we are one again.

Isn't this the best.

His coat swings with us, and I laugh like a kid.

My Love is home.

What more could I ask for?

Then suddenly....

He is on his knee, in the pouring rain.

A small velvet box in his hand.

One shiny diamond is staring me in the eyes.

It may be small, but it is beautiful.

He smiles and touches my hand lightly.

'How about we make it so you never have to worry about my love for you? I'd rather you know it's unconditional, then for you to guess and doubt only to find out it is true love. Please say you will take this ring and love me, till death parts us. I will love you. I will marry you. Make you happy, I will kiss you and be gentle... Please tell me you love me more then the sun loves the horizon during the morning and night...'

I cry tears of joy.

Perhaps they are sad tears, but I will never second guess them.

He slides the ring on my finger, completing this phase of my life.

I'm engaged to my soldier, my messanger of love.

This life is so interesting.

It doesn't stop.

All the while, the rain is soaking us to the bone.

Chill and all.

I have never thought of a better proposal.

His lips connect with mine, and I feel his warmth radiate.

Is this my future?

If so, I don't want it to slip away...

'I will cherish you forever...and ever..and ever'

I whisper.

He nods and sweeps me off my feet.

'Let's go home...'

And I realize that maybe the rain isn't so bad..

Sometimes all it takes is one little rain storm,

To make you realize that love is the perfect medicine.

Love, my favorite umbrella to catch the rain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I always thought a rainy day proposal would be the best... but who knows when its gonna rain?? i know i don't...

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow .... its a good and attractive poem... agree with your theme and the rich way done... hope you go through my poems too... I am basically poet with 6 books in hand and member of this site too.... your comments are welcomed.. hope you keep writing always in the same fantastic way....

poetvg's picture

i love this poem
oh so very beautifull t o read :*)

skinnyjoe09's picture

that is perfect absoulutely perfect that is how i wanna propose when it happens