The Letting

Soul Poetry

I let myself cry,

in attempt to purge my being

of this pent-up sorrow.

I let the tears flow,

free-willed and unfettered

by the ties that bind this soul.

I let the cleansing

wash over me,

like warm, summer softened rain.

I let myslef drown

in my own self-pity of things lost

and things that may never be.

I let the turmoils

rise with the tide, spill over

and flood the valleys of sorrow.

I let it go, for now,

knowing in time,

the waters shall rise once more.

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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully expressive work you have so delicately served here. Wets the reader's appetite for more for this is just a teaser of the other masterpieces you have so creatively formed. You truly have the poetic gift for sure-WOW!!! Thank you for sharing. Have a very beautiful weekend and Valentines Day.