After The Rain


Beyond slowly departing clouds,

sun beams silently peek through,

bouncing off crystalline droplets,

which cling to petals and leaves.

Appearing like tiny diamonds,

they drip lazily to the ground.

Birds poke pointed beaks

into rain softened sod.

Searching for the fat worms

that lie beneath the surface.

Mist rises  off puddled water,

where small animals gather

to quench their thirst.

Where small children

pleasure at jumping,

both feet in,

to produce that

mud splattering splash.

Remaining moisture collects

and evaporates into the air,

fighting against the glare and warmth

of a now shining sun.

Swirling about the atmosphere,

fresh smelling air touches all

in its path.

All the Earth looks washed

and clean.

Refreshed and glistening.

After the rain.

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