Golden Love

Poems of Love

Along a moonlit beach,
the two walked hand in hand.
Both were at a loss for words,
as they traveled across the sand.

They stopped then at their place,
just underneath the docks.
All around was silent,
except the water against the rocks.

There laid on the ground,
a blanket and a rose.
A chilling champagne bottle,
and a book of poetry and prose.

Sitting there alone,
he kissed her shining face.
He poured them both a glass,
and read to her with grace.

They reminisced their lives,
all the years that passed their way.
He spoke to her those words again,
as he did all years ago today.

She looked at him and smiled,
and his aged eyes just glowed.
Their hearts felt so young again,
though their bodies had grown old.

It seemed like only yesterday,
this golden couple said, "I do."
And now they celebrated 50 years,
of a love so strong and true.

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