Teddy Bear Wedding

Jus 4 Fun

Ted looked so dapper,

in his brand new tux.

He had it tailor-made.

It cost him fifty Monopoly bucks.

Theodora looked so lovely

in her gown of white.

She nervously practiced her vows

that she would soon recite.

All their freinds were there

to watch them as they wed.

They came from all the shelves,

the toybox and the bed.

Someone opened the music box

and as the music began,

Theodora slowly walked to Ted,

who stood next to his best-man.

He took her by the paw

and looked into her button eyes.

She met his stare with a shy smile,

for in her tummy were butterflies.

They exchanged their vows

and each, a wedding ring.

Then along with the music box,

everyone began to sing.

When Ted kissed his bride,

the guests let out a sigh.

The army men saluted

and the dolls all started to cry.

Everyone gathered around,

to wish the couple well.

Then the two got into Barbie's limo,

to go to the Lincoln Log Motel.

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poetvg's picture

because it is so
very cute and sweet
plus i love teddy bears to :*)

Amber Poetic's picture

CUTE!!! :) I love it! Great writing!