Remember The 80's?

Family & Memories

Remember going cruisin'

up the avenue and down?

Remember 'hanging out'

in your part of town?

Remember long hair on guys,

feathered back on girls,

or tightly done perms

with springy curls?

Remember those headbands

with the disco-like style?

All the girls wore em,

I had a whole pile!

Remember the music

we listened to?

Like Journey, Supertramp

and STYX, to name a few.

Remember the clothes

that we all wore?

Spandex and denim pants,

black tees from the record store.

Remember the shoes,

that we wore on our feet?

Converse sneakers, Capizios

and clogs that clicked on the street.

Remember the tacky

eyeshadows that were used?

Bright colors that shone

all glittery hued.

Remember all the cars

that everyone raved?

Those Trans Ams, Camaros

and Corvettes we all craved.

Remember the TV shows

that we all religiously viewed?

To The Dukes Of Hazzard, CHiPs,

M*A*S*H and Dallas, we were glued.

Remember those catchy

words we all said?

Like, 'Dude' and 'Cool'

and 'jock' and 'sped?'

Remember those crazy 80's

the same way that I do?

Remember how everything now old,

was then so popular and new?

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palewingedpoetess's picture

oh my dear cathy you are making me so long for my old nikes and my leg warmers not to mention my MTV loved this poem I will surely save it to share with friends off line you catpured our era so beautifully way to go poetess...
sincerely your new fan and friend melissa