The Warrior and MoonCloud

Cowboy Poetry


Sitting by the river's edge,
she sat under the midnight glow,
coming from the stars up above,
waiting for her warrior to show.


Her long, black hair flowed down,
billowing in the breeze.
The wind rustled through the forest,
dancing about the trees.


Dark eyes staring out,
waiting to see his face.
Anticipating the moment,
he would arrive at their secret place.


Dressed in her finest buckskin,
a feather in her hair,
MoonCloud dreamed of him,
as she silently waited there.


He was the bravest young warrior,
in all of the mighty Sioux tribe,
and he had chosen MoonCloud,
to be his Indian bride.


At last she saw him coming,
riding upon his painted horse.
She felt her heart skip a beat,
and knew he was its source.


He slid down from his mount,
and took her in his arms.
Whispering how much he loved her,
swearing to keep her from harm.


The next day they would be joined,
forever as husband and wife.
And he promised to her then that moment,
to care for her all his life.


She trembled in his grasp,
emotions mixed of love and fright.
Knowing the dangers that he faced,
being a warrior day and night.


But she stood there, strong and proud,
the next day as they were wed.
Only concentrating on the present,
and not where their future led.


The years, they passed by slowly,
and with the blessing that fate allowed.
They were still together,
the warrior and MoonCloud.


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i love this
romantic piece

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I am surprised that this beautiful poem has not received any comments. As a story poem, this one is superb; but as an allegory of love, it rises to even greater levels of magnificence. The rhymes are subtle, and not intrusive, and the interest of the story keeps the poem moving right to its almost restful ending. A good job, done well!


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