Memories Of You

Grief & Grieving

Sitting 'round the campfire,

watching it burning bright.

You would tell your scary stories,

just to give me a fright.

The times we shared back then,

are in me still today.

They have never left me,

since the night you went away.

To such a little girl,

you were big and strong.

But you always had a hug and kiss,

even when I did wrong.

I remember setting the alarm off,

that day in your store....

"Cathy, did you touch that wire?"

"No Gramps! And I'm sure!"

Then the sirens came our way,

you gave me quite a stare!

Such a frightened little girl,

when the police showed up there!

You were stern and somewhat mad,

but I saw the twinkle in your eyes.

You tried to be firm and talk to me,

but you melted when I cried.

Oh such memories I have of you,

that I shall never forget.

Like having to make your ice cream sundae....

perfect...before mine I could get!

Your laughter still rings through me,

it I will always hear.

Gramps, its these memories,

that always keeps you near!

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