Enter The Nightmare

The Dark Side

Step into the abyss of sleep,

where dreams become twisted fragments of horror

and silence breaks the barriers of sound

from muffled, gutteral screams.

A windowless world of darkness

beyond the border where reality lie in wait.

Faces twist in contortion,

for nothing is clear but the fear that seeps from pores

like an acidic sweat.

Terror walks beside you-companion to your pain,

keeping a tight hold,

lest you escape the night.

Misery trails along, ever the follower of terror,

though extremely adept at finding a weakness.

No one hears you cry,

as demons cover your mouth with gnarled hands.

No one sees your tears,

as beasts rake out your eyes with bladed claws.

No one sees you struggle,

as bindings from hell hold you firmly in place.

Forced to watch as all unfolds,

through vacant sockets,

yet which still can see.

They rip out your soul, dangling it before you

in taunting chants and acrid laughter.

They twist it mercilessly,

daring you to resist and fight back,

but in their world, you are a helpless gnat they must squash.

They disect you, fear by fear,

until your very being lie in a bloody mass before them.

And they dance upon your organs

with cruel intent in their glee,

till every drop of blood is squeezed from your body

and you lie there...a victim,

an empty shell.

Enter the nightmare-

for you have no choice.

But pray you wake up.


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