United States of Quarantine

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The year is Twenty, Twenty,

Plague has settled upon our land.

No touching, meeting, or congregating,

Nor shaking of anyone's hand.


We've filled up all our pantries,

To see us through this heinous trial.

Some were smart with what they bought,

Others bought toilet paper by the mile.


Faces are covered behind paper masks,

-Only able to see each other's eyes.

Handmade versions are now all over,

Of every color, pattern and size.


Everything and one is disinfected, 

For fear of spreading this awful disease.

Where people mostly were cordial before,

Now are frightened by every cough and sneeze.


Shelves in stores are scarce or bare,

With limits to what can be bought.

And the media makes everything worse,

Leaving many people scared and fraught.


Our healthcare workers are amazing heroes,

But they too, are feeling the heavy strain.

They fight and fight to save the lives,

Still they feel they only fight in vain.


The numbers of cases and of the dead,

Are daily rising, higher and higher.

We pray for help and for assistance,
Fighting an out-of-control, viral fire.


We know it will return to normal,

But we don't know when that will be.

We simply want to go back to being us,

Being America, Home Of The Free.


But right now it's still, a really bad movie,

Playing upon a life-sized horror screen.
So welcome to our Twenty, Twenty,

In the United States, of Quarantine.




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I think your poem raises some

I think your poem raises some questions. I don't know if this was your intent, but one of the strongest questions, I feel in reading this, is whether fear is the greatest scourge of this moment we are in? Are we afraid, hiding from, something that is not a likely mortal threat to most of us? If so, is the fear and the hiding and the hoarding - the unfriendliness - by far more crippling to both our present and future lives than the disease itself? Is it worth shredding one, two, three or any number of years of sharing wonderful, difficult, and learning moments together with others just to slightly reduce our chances of death? These are critical questions, I think.

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Oh I don't fear this

Oh I don't fear this 'plandemic'.
I know the virus is real...but its been weaponized and used as a political and election tool for way too long now and people better wake the heck up and FAST! 99% of people who get it, SURVIVE it! This is not much different than the flu. Could you imagine if during every flu season, the 'media' reported every death and positive flu result, day in and day out!!??? There would be a panic and hoarding of TP and people freaking out. :) l freakingol


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What a timely ballad! 

What a timely ballad!  Excellent quatrains.


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A Media Summation

That pretty much csums up what the new has reported. Fear is the enemy.