A Soul For Mine

I came to coat my dark insides
in starch white walls and watchful eyes
void of hopes, dreams pushed aside
I stared only at the veins I drained each night
Left only with the bitter taste
of watching all I'd loved go up in flames
I cared not to know your name
and what had brought you to this place
but there you were, always in my brain
You were light and I a moth
try as I might to shake you off
always resting on the tip of my tongue
frightening, foreign words like "love"
Here I was a giddy fool
love is child's play in a world so cruel 
and for you to love a soul so torn?
All I could offer you was my inevitable grave to mourn
But there you stood night and day
until my throat dried up of words to say
my soul molding to yours like clay
there in your heart I found a place to stay
a place to spend the rest of my no longer
miserable days.

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AndiCB13's picture

I love this-beautiful. 

I love this-beautiful. 

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Good Rhymes!

What is a mixed metaphor? Who knows? ~~A~~