Once a smoothed faced man

I , the one who may beacon with tendrils upon tendrils 

of Vast artificial contentment 

May become a wanton wanderlust searching upon searching 

The path has become part of us.


A wondrous derangement.

An engagement of planes upon trains from Strasbourg to Thames.

A suave Lothario flagrantly wears his gangrenous fougere.

A disheveled man, Long beard. Shoes worn affray.

High society Woman in gaudy bedazzle.

What do your shoes say?

Did you have a cinematic life?

Black and white?

Will you wind back the reels 

Of your 8mm 

Frame by frame 

Only to find you have been Alone, in a dark room

Nothing more than a spectator

Reduced to a Pair of staring eyes?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the road. Inspired by strange things in a strange world.

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On the road...

I really loved this. But now I have to go by look up a couple of words and read it again.

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks for the read

i appreciate it.

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A gangrenous fougere is a a metaphor I deployed to simbolize the scent of our Lotharios Eau de Parfum. It was particularly off putting.

Gangrene , in its progressive stages of tissue death, by necrotizing fasciitis.....gives off a putrid scent of death and decay. 

The term fougere....as used above....Is a type of French fragrance meaning ‘fern’.

Fougeres by design are meant to be “green smelling” ...if you will.

Our poor Lothario did not choose wisely of his fragrance...nor did he consider the feelings of others when he lavished himself in this wretched stench.