In the misty moonlit water,

You appeared like an angel,

Dancing on the currents.

Then you waved to me...

In one fell swoop of a breeze...your ghost like silvery image,

Dissapates into the rush of moist, cool night air,

Sweeping through my lips,

Swirling in my mouth,

Slowly seeping down my throat,

Satiating every opening in my lungs....


Chanting a new mantra.

Forcing another cadence...

Colliding, crescendoing into the beat of my heart...

In casual confusion,

Of an unnthreatening yet exciting rhythm.

My spiritual friend,

MY SOUL sister under the skin...

This is why we always wink at the moon.

To bathe in her glow,

Soak in her goodness,

Circulating energy,

That transforms, transfix's, transcribe's...

Our very existence.

And as we leave one another,

We are not totally aware of the CHANGE...

The other has CREATED in us...

Until we have parted ways.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shannon, thank-you for your friendship, and new ideas about GOD, nature and harmony...I'm still watching the rings that bob on the water after you and I met...learning more with each ring that reaches the shore. Peace.

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