Always and Forever

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It seems the Perfect Girl used to be only in dreams
It changed everything when you first saw me
You knew I was the one Right off.
You knew you would have fun, you hoped we would be together
You get chills up your spine, when we hug
All the time you never stop thinking about me
What I mean to you, nothing can change
All that you need, all that you ever wanted was me
When you look into my beautiful brown eyes
It makes you realize
The most gorgeous girl on earth is me
So now that you have me you can end your search.

When you get down to pray every night
Because you brighten up my day baby I thank God
Just to be with me You would give the world away
There's nothing you would not do, you found me
Just to be with me, you would sacrifice it all
Your life you turned aeound
It's impossible for you to frown when you're with me
Every moment spent in my presence you will cherish
Because I am your angel sent from above.

We belong together, tell me
I will tell you this you will be with me forever
That I love you I will tell
You want me to see
You truly love me
That your love is alive is proof

Mixing up my insides, something is going on
It seems so special, a new feeling
Your love sends the angels to their knees
You worked on this rhyme, for some weeks
Our love will defy time, you will see
Enough words from above God could not send
I am your one and only true love to explain
You wish our love wii never end for a million reasons
I am your best friend, not just your girl.
This is why you love me.

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