Meet Me

In the shadow of your heart meet me
Only you and I know the place exists
Hold me in your arms take me with you

In the star above meet me
The higher goals live in the place
Shining in my eyes, see the light of love

At the ocean's edge meet me
At a place where the water cleanes
To a place of absolute purity take me

At the Forrest's clearings meet me
At a place where the trees part
Where shattered and safe we are

In the billowly cloud meet me
Where heaven and earth touch, the place
Let's dance in the sky and share our joy

On the mountain's peak meet me
Where I can breathe deeply, the place
To make it yours.

My love meet me...........
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Very Special for my love and I.

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