I was standing looking at the windows
I saw a shadow come into full view
There stood the most handsome guy
I had ever seen.

Tall, dark, and handsome. Just like the movies.
Dark brown eyes, black wavy hair, and a dimple
To please any girl.

Shirt open pants tight wow what a sight
Hands so gentle yet so strong. Could I hold one?
Lips in a pout that I wanted to kiss
On a red motorcycle. I wanted a ride.

We said hello. Looked each other up and down.
Both decided we like what we saw. We both wanted to know more.
He asked me if I would like to go to the beach.
What did he think? I wanted to go,yes I did.

We got on and I held on tight. As we sped through the night.
Got to the beach. Talked about everything. Got to really know him.
I liked him. We went for a walk on the beach.
Stopping and kissing. Looking at the stars.

The moon was out. There was a breeze. It was like heaven.
We found shells. So many and pretty.
We got back to the bike.Got something to eat and drink.
We was laughing and having fun.

We laided a blanket down and I started at the stars.
My pulse was racing, my hands felt wet.
He turned to me with a twinkle in his eye.
Took and held me tight.

It was like a mircle. I knew it. We both wanted more.
I felt like I was drowning. I think I feel like Im falling
in love. But how? we just met. But it was there.
Loud and clear. I felt shock. I had never felt this
way before.

I closed my eyes to think. To wonder. What am I
doing. Then it hit me. I was in love. But did he ffel
the same? Would he? ould he? I had to know.
I felt something. Oh my he was kissing me.

We was kissing. If felt so right. Like I had
Known him all my life. He pulled me closer.
I called up to him and we took it slow.
We was loving being alone. Just the two of us.

We talked and made love all night.
Finally when the sun came up. We left.
He took me home. Met my parents. They liked him.
We were together every day and night. Nothing could stop us.
Aftter 3 months. He pulled me aside one night. Got on his
Knees and asked me to marry him. You know I said yes.

We got married and was so in love. We were meant to be.
We got our life together. The one we both wanted for so long.
It was like a fairy tale. Breath Taking.

We had our wedding. Lots of people. It was beautiful.
I had a white wedding gown with red satin bows
The veil was long with red satin bows.
My ring was a ruby with diamonds. I had a necklace
Of ruby with bracelet to match and earrings.With white shoes.

There was dancing, games, food, and lots of pictures.
We always had our beautiful pictures. You coul see
How much we loved one another. We was married 50 years.
Not one of them kept us from saying I love you darling, I always will.
Every morning,noon, and night. Kiss each other good night.

Our last night on this earth. Was spent together in
each other's arms. Making love the whole night through.
We finally went to sleep. When they found us.
We was wrapped around each other so tight.

Our love was meant to be. We was so happy.
We are in our resting place
For God to see. He sent me my love and we st ayed together
I love you darling.I always did.I always will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To My Beloved Norton I love you so much! I carry you with me in my heart and thoughts. In every dream.I love you, Baby Yours forever, Angel

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