What Is Love

Love is like a diamond to a ring
Like a boat with no water
A tree with no branches
Flowers with no petals
Child with no toy
Man without a woman
Woman without a man
Christmas without a tree
A bird with no wings
A pop without the tart
A pea without the snap
Like peanut to butter
Milk to my duds
Lucky to my charms
Ice to my cream
Best to my friend
Always cherish you
Protect you from all harm
Hug you tight
Kiss all day and night
My love forever
To walk with you
Always listen
Never leave
Lend an ear Never walk away
Give a hand
To always be your friend
To be your life
Never be apart
Not to hurt you
Promise you tonight
Promise you forever
To always love you and only you
Be with you to the end
What is Love
Love is everything
Never take it for granted

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