This May Be The Final Goodbe

I am hurting inside and out
Baby so are you, I wish it didnt have to end
Im torn into little pieces
So are you
What are we to do
You want me to do something
I said I would
To make you happy
Only I could never get it together
Im still trying
But dont know if it will work out
I really dont want to do it
But I love you so much
Im willing to try it
Maybe I shouldnt
But we love one another so much
I dont want to lose you over something
This stuoid , or to me it is stupid
I thought our love would last forever
That is what you promised
But you lied to me
Now im crying, I feel so alone
How am I going to live without you
We have been together for so long
Why do you want to throw it all away
On anything
Well at least I know
IIm not losing you to another girl
But baby you promised me the world
I got nothing if you do this
But happiness while it lasted
I gave up everything for you
What did you give up for me, nothing
All over stupid things
I will always love you
But my trust for you is gone
But if you ever came back
I would take you back
You are throwing away everything
We wanted so much
All over pictures that I said I would make
I know you waited a long time to get them
Because my friend said she sent them
She lied and didnt
I never meant to hurt you or lie
I just dont know how to get them to you
I have tried
So im trying again
You said if I did not get them by a certain date
You was leaving, not coming back
I told you I would try
But if I do not why dont you just let me come to you
I told you I would
Then we can be together and you will have me
To make pictures of anytime, you want them
I should be more important then pictures
Good bye Love if this is what you want.
I hope when we talk again
You will have them
Tell me you love me and are going to stay
Please stay dont throw us away

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