Would You, Please?

Romance Languages

Dance with me

Like that elderly couple


In the band shell

At night

That I never would have seen

If not for you.


Impress me

With that methodical mind


The odds of us


Forty years from now

Still surprising eachother.  


Laugh with me

Like seeing childhood friends


At private jokes

Wicked winks

That look so damn good

In your eyes.


Astonish me

Like shattering the illusion


The only limit I had

Was just

A figment of my imagination

Twice in one day.


Whisper to me

Something nice or something naughty


Something funny or profound

And do it

In that sexy Romanian accent

That makes me tremble.



What else can you do?

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allets's picture

What else indeed?

I wish someone had written a poem like that for me about 40 years ago. Love the folder title: Romance Languages - exceptional! ~(:D)-



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Wow thanks stella!!!

That's a strong compliment coming from a poet like you!!

Starward's picture

Very romantic, even erotic,

Very romantic, even erotic, without being tawdry or crude.



and_hera_met_zeus's picture


He has that effect on me lol

Sandy11's picture

You amaze me!

absolutely love this one! to be able to put your feeling into poetry like this is a great talent. 

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Awww thank you

That’s a very high compliment.