People and Cats

Love and Pain

Some people are like cats

You just can’t make them come when you want

You snap your fingers

Make stupid noises in what you think is their language

But they just look at you with that dumb stare

As if asking, “What the h*** are you saying?”


And, “Why are you bothering me? Don’t you know I’m sleeping?”

He is so beautiful

I just want to pet him, scratch his ears, let him fall asleep in my lap and cuddle

But he stays on the window-sill

All alone

Far away

As far as he can get

As if I have cooties

Or I am of zero interest

Or I offer zero value to his life

Wait! (gasp) She’s rattling a treat bag

Ballerina side-leap!

Me. Me. Me. Me. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Purr. Purr. Purr. Purr.

I’ll let you pet me for just a moment

Now back to my window sill of ignore and better than you and leave me alone

Dumb stare…

Don’t touch me

I don’t care how much you love me or want me or are willing to lay down your life just to pet me

And if you don’t stop with that hideous snapping and noise-making, I will distance myself even further

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The metaphore is dripping

The metaphore is dripping from this write and sometimes people a very much like cats. This is a very cute piece that made me smile as I read it it just rings with truth. Written very well!!!

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    In your humours poem



In your humours poem about cats, you have accurately described their habits. Reminds me of my own cat. Love the poem.

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Haha!! Great, Amy!

Haha!! Great, Amy!

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Hahaha! You made me chuckle.

Hahaha! You made me chuckle. Cute. Reminded me of the Dog and Cat diaries below. 




The Dog's Diary


8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing!
9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing!
9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 
10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 pm - Milk bones! My favorite thing!
1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
5:00 pm - Dinner! My favorite thing!
7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!



The Cat's Diary 

 Day 983 of My Captivity


My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet. Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates my capabilities. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a "good little hunter" I am. Bastards!

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of "allergies." I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow, but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released, and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded. The bird must be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now ...


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This is so cute, funny,

This is so cute, funny, creative, refreshing, and....TRUE!!! Love it! Thanks healingwoman!

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Ha Ha Ha

I think I have seen this before! That is great. I decided I had to make a few more points before I go. This being one of them.

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It was enjoyable. Keep it

It was enjoyable. Keep it flowing... don't be a P#$$Y. lol. You might just reach your 26.

Copyright © morningglory

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I know. My creative gene was

I know. My creative gene was so exhausted last night. 7 more to go.

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I Enjoyed This Tremendously

Just like a man. I mean, a cat - :D ~allets



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Lesson one--never

Lesson one--never underestimate the power of a pussycat. Meeeeooowwwww!!!


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "