I am a paved road, a good intention.

Hell is where you confine me.

I only meant to ease your grief

your business is your own.


If what I did and said caused pain

I know you suffer best alone.

I walked hard against your heart

and left deep prints as scars.


I wounded you, became a scab

and turned into a worthless mark

to remind you I had no my regret

to have opened your wounds at all.







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    Rejection and being



Rejection and being overlooked is awful, no wonder you are sorrowful. I hope you find the right one soon. Well written poem that I enjoyed reading.

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Respected Mm Allets

Respected Mm Allets.This is exactly how I feel when I put comments on the painstaking works of other poets on this site.I remember someone say somewhere(A great person I don't remember who) "Go easy on criticism" Thanx for reminding!!!!!!!!!!



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What I Was Thinking

Hurtful remarks, mild ridicule, and back stabbing - yeah, that's it  & criticism too much too yep- allets



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oh allets!

that feeling sucks

I can relate to this right now and let me just say you captured it rather well!

LOVED the first line! it just sank in me!



Much Love


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Sometimes you can hurt

Sometimes you can hurt someone and not even know it- Bob Dylan
Perhaps that doesn't apply directly to your piece but you reminded me of how the words of our loved ones can have such a deep affect on our hearts and souls. Especially when it's a gray matter and there are differing opinions.
Well written.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Me is a mundane happy sailor sailin n the marsh

Me is a mundane happy sailor sailin n the marsh.God is good & always right.It's my ignorance that I don't understand ~~~ Glory to God~~~~~



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This is touching and so deep,

This is touching and so deep, Allets. Just how we feel when someone projects their pain onto us. -peace-


Never regret!!! Good reason for everything!! God doesn't do wrong. (He uses us for that..*giggle*)


Luv you, allets.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "