words-she get it all

it was started

from the roof, seeing backward

wondering was there anybody

anybody standing there

the heart was about to burst

said "i need you

please come and be a little friendly."

she didn't get it

didn't get anything at all

what was important

entertainment? that's all?

bulit her own world

don't know, fictional one

where true people exist

that's what she thought

fictional was just fictional

by the end of the day 

what she got

ignored that's all 

best friend, childhood friend,

comrades , all has only one meaning

meaning which connect the heart 

through all the invisible path

integrate it , cancel out everything

the word which is visible and follow 

with all emotions 

it just simple word and we call it

'friendship', it was so simple

still was so puzzled


so yeah she felt alone 

in the mist of words

she couldn't find her word

she smiled and said

"i need you 

please come and be a little friendly."

spreading aroma of emotions

with open heart

there is only one word she could reach

calling all over from very far

she smiled 'tomodachi'

that's what she said  

by the end of the day 

she get it all 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

well the meaning of tomodachi is friend and this poem is based on how girl feel ignored and lonely but as days were passing she get it all

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How Do You

make mixed tenses work? They do. Like the way you think - bravo for sharing you ~a~