Moment of clarity

Reality pinpricks across the surface;

The dance of the narrow needle.

Everything’s illegal, so we end up selling parts of our own bodies,

We were running free, but somehow got lost in the underground,

So much sympathy for our demons,

Crying gasoline tears in the heat of summer’s tease.


An ocean washes up pebbles and bones,

Victims of discrimination, beaten and stoned.

Preservation burns when trapped in the hold,

In the mind of a stranger, struggling to be free,

Resisting all instinct that is explosive within.

Submitting to the charm and seduction of fate,

Though I’ll never forget who I was,

I’ve collided with the man I want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone thinks they know everything about others from where they stand. I realise now very little look inside themselves with that same deconstructive approach. This does not make me better than the average man; I just believe as a man gets older he should redefine himself and improve upon himself, instead of looking at what he doesn't have or is missing.

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:) that one left me

:) that one left me breatheless! 


Much Love


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I Love The Title

RealiZation strikes sometimes and you change. Just being able to say I have and will change is a milestone moment. Not wanting to deconstruct anyone, but mirrors are nice places to start accepting the insides ~~A~~